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Artmaker     Designer     Writer     Collaborator 


I’m an artist, writer and creator based in Melbourne, Australia. I have worked with SoulMuppet Publishing, Anodyne Printware, Gauntlet Publishing and more. I specialise in collaborating to bring exciting, new ideas to life.

My Work


Orbital Blues 2020- present

Co-creator, lead artist and co-writer on the successful Orbital Blues TTRPG project. I have created over 300+ pieces of art across 8 books and am the author of Wayward Stars: The Art of Orbital Blues and the co-author of Orbital Blues: Afterburn.

Star Wars RPG 2022- present

Since 2022, I have written and designed a number of free Star Wars RPG Sourcebooks. These books have been an opportunity to work completely solo and gain writing experience. They have also been fun experiments in attempting to replicate a visual style.

Public Access 2022-present

Public Access is an incredibly popular analogue horror TTRPG. I have been involved with the project since conception, designing the project's cover, as well as creating 17 full-size pieces to date. It has been incredibly rewarding to create custom, intricately researched and weathered, vintage style pieces for Public Access.

Hull Breach 2022

I was invited to join the very impressive TTRPG project "Hull Breach", spearheaded by Ian Yusem and Anodyne Printware. During this project I specialised in diegetic screen and display design.

Album Art 2020-present

Since 2020, I have been involved in a variety of music-based art projects. These range from specially-commissioned vinyl album covers, to band logos and even fan-produced music art. This is an arena I am incredibly passionate about and one I am always keen to continue exploring.